Ensuring the continuity of your business.


We tailor our services to address the specific needs of each individual client.

Aumentor offers three fixed-price service packages for our clients and partners. With these services, we analyse the client’s business quickly and effectively, identify the potential for development, and draft a tangible development plan for the business. The services include a Basic Analysis with a list of recommended measures, a Status Review of the client’s current situation, and a Business Statement to support financing and investment decisions.

Aumentor’s experts have carried out hundreds of development and growth projects, including corporate analyses, business development programs as well as corporate transactions and financing arrangements, including IPOs.

To make your change project easier, Aumentor also offers solid service packages in communications and marketing: communications to support a successful corporate merger or acquisition, communications strategy as part of corporate development, rebranding and trade mark strategy, as well as customer surveys and research.

Service descriptions

1 Basic Analysis

An analysis to support various development projects, decision-making and implementation of financing arrangements and corporate transactions. The analysis provides the client with recommended measures and a clear-cut development plan.

2. Business Statement

A business-focused statement that evaluates the implementation and potential risks of any project planned by the client. The statement will provide an overall view on how the planned project would affect your company’s market position and profitability during the next 1 to 5 years. The evaluation is presented in white paper format. The output is a written statement on the business perspective of the evaluated project.

3. Status review

A quick review of the client’s current situation and the prospects for the immediate future. The review supports decision-making and gives guidelines for the business. The client will receive a report containing a brief analysis and a list of recommended measures.

4. Client-specific business development services
  • Business plans and development projects
  • Financing arrangements
  • Development programs such as competition strategy and internationalization strategy
  • Mergers and acquisitions
5. Strategic communication and marketing services
  • Communications plans for mergers and acquisitions
  • General communication strategies and plans
  • Rebranding and trademark strategy
  • Customer surveys and research to support decision-making